This is Definitely Not the Cereal I Grew Up on, But I like it: Organic,Gluten Free & Helpful Envirokidz

There’s nothing I enjoy more than a bowl of cereal. I love everything about it. The texture, the perfect mixture of milk, grain and as an extra bonus, at the end of every bowl is that sweet surprise of flavored milk.  Cereal is probably the biggest weakness in my diet. Did I mention I love cereal? And not just any cereal, I like the sugar filled , Gluten filled, non Organic brands with artificial dyes that’s like pouring yourself a big bowl of diabetes each morning. Sadly, I eat it knowing full well that it’s bad for me, but I promise you it’s not all my fault.

I like to believe that my bad cereal addiction is the result of an 80’s brain washing technique that happened to a whole generation of people my age.  Don’t believe me? Here’s an example. It’s been 25 years and still to this day I know that:

  • There’s a silly rabbit who can’t understand that “Trix are for Kids” -Trix Rabbit
  • That following a rainbow to sugar covered oats with hard marshmallows becomes something “Magically Delicious.” -Lucky Charms
  • I know that if I’m looking for colorful loops of sweetness I need to just “follow my nose, it always knows!”. –Toucan Sam
  • If I take a corn flake and frost it with sugar “ they’reee Greeaat!” -Tony Tiger

I can do this forever, but I think you get the point by now and I don’t want to drive you “cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs“ -Sonny Rooster  The marketing geniuses of the 80’s knew exactly what they were doing when they brainwashed us during our Saturday morning cartoons.  They made us fall in love with cute lovable cartoon characters only to poison us with processed sugar, corn fructose and who the hell knows what preservatives. How could children have ever known that Captain Crunch was sailing them across a sea of addiction and poor diet.

The power of these characters and catch slogans are so strong it seems that every generation of children would fall into the same trap. I believed that there was no way out of this vicious cycle. That was until I stumbled upon a few new cereal characters that just might save the next generation of children. Meet Lilo the Lemur, Ping Panda, a Koala, Kinkajou and a Gorilla. These are the characters of a new kind of cereal that might just change the cereal game. Introducing EnviroKidz Organic by Natures Path Foods

Before I tell you about Envirokidz lets fast forward 20 years, since my brainwashing. I’m driving home after a long day of work. Like so often I didn’t eat lunch and by this time I’m starving.  Much like a pregnant women, I got a certain food on my mind and I’d kill to get it. The score I was looking for was Fruity Pebbles and nothing but that Fred Flintstone rainbow mush would do.

I storm into the supermarket straight into the cereal aisle and head right for my fix. Then in the corner of my eye I see a colorful box that for some reason is calling my name. There it was, a Panda sitting peacefully eating a bamboo leaf.  My first thought was “ What kind of sick bastard would eat bamboo flavored cereal?” Upon a closer view I saw that it was called “Peanut Butter Panda Puffs.”  If there’s something I love just shy of cereal that’s peanut butter, so now I’m thinking I have the best of both worlds.

There’s more to this story about how I stood in the aisle for 20 minutes contemplating the Panda Puffs or Fruity Pebbles, but it also happened to be a time in my life when I was not feeling particularly well and was trying to exercise and eat healthy. On the cover of the Panda box were the words “Gluten Free.” It just so happened that earlier that week I found out that my high school crush and friend just found out she had Celiac. It’s funny how situations pop in your life so closely related.  Celiac was a new concept to me and most of what I got from our conversation was that she needed to start eating gluten-free. In the spirit of her new diet I figured I would give it a shot.

Now, I wouldn’t lie to my readers in any case so I won’t start now. Was it the same as my normal sugar cereals? Absolutely not. In fact it took a few tries to get used to. But, by my third bowl it satisfied my cravings and I really liked the taste. It tasted just like peanut butter and I was happy with the choice I made.

At first bite I wasn’t sure if EnviroKidz cereals were something I would purchase and eat all the time. But, after reading the box I fell in love with the whole idea of Envirokidz and their philosophy.

I had the box in front of me while eating so I could look at the back of the packaging much like I did as a kid with my Lucky Charms. The difference this time was that I was actually being enlightened & encouraged reading this box. Unlike the Lucky Charms, when I probed the box looking to see what led based, China made swallow-able toy I was going to find at the bottom.

This was the type of box I would want my child to look at each morning. In fact, I lead by example, eating it at the breakfast table so that my nephews would want to be “cool’ like Uncle Tommy and have some too.  The box had a puzzle on the back which featured what else but a real panda. There’s also an easy to read paragraph about Pandas. Information about where they’re from, what they eat, and how Pandas are now becoming an endangered species. Inside the box provided more games and information from Defenders.org & Wildlifetrust.org on how you can get involved in saving and protecting endangered species like the panda. Wildlife appreciations aside, Panda Puffs are also very good for you.

The Nutrition information is very impressive. Panda Puffs are gluten-free, low in sodium, no artificial preservatives and no artificial additives. Stick that in your cap Captain Crunch. Envirokidz is also organic which means no pesticides, no synthetic herbicides and no Irradiation. The icing on the cake for me was the ecology benefits. Enriched, drought resistant soil, less soil erosion, less groundwater pollution and Improves farm biodiversity.  The box is also made with EnviroBox technology to help reduce, reuse & recycle.

Everything that was written on this box embodied ideas and concepts that I believe in and I was proud to chow down a bowl of cereal committed to these standards.

My meal had become an educational experience that enlightened me to many facts about Pandas I did not know.  I was also pleased to find out that each of the Envirokidz products focuses on a different endangered species, and they recently released healthy cereal bars too!

Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better I read on the box that “ Every Year, 1% of Envirokidz sales go to species & habitat conservation and education programs. In a sense, I was helping lovable pandas just by purchasing this cereal.  Then that’s when it hit me. There is something I love more than cereal, and that’s being socially, ecologically and morally responsible while eating cereal.

At the end of the day it’s not about me. I’m a grown man who is still fighting the brainwashing marketing of my youth. But our children today deserve a better option. One that’s healthy, responsible and encourages them to think about the world they live in. I applaud Natures Path for taking a risk with a product like this and going toe to toe with the cereal giants who have held our children’s healthy in such poor regard.

I’ve since said good-bye to my childhood cereals and embraced Envirokidz. I feel great and I’ve shed a few pounds as well. Best of all, it still makes me feel like a kid but with adult responsibility.

Do yourself and your family a favor and check out EnviroKidz Organic

Have you tried Envirokidz? What did you think? What are other food products making a positive impact in the world?

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