This is Definitely Not the Cereal I Grew Up on, But I like it: Organic,Gluten Free & Helpful Envirokidz

There’s nothing I enjoy more than a bowl of cereal. I love everything about it. The texture, the perfect mixture of milk, grain and as an extra bonus, at the end of every bowl is that sweet surprise of flavored milk.  Cereal is probably the biggest weakness in my diet. Did I mention I love cereal? And not just any cereal, I like the sugar filled , Gluten filled, non Organic brands with artificial dyes that’s like pouring yourself a big bowl of diabetes each morning. Sadly, I eat it knowing full well that it’s bad for me, but I promise you it’s not all my fault.

I like to believe that my bad cereal addiction is the result of an 80’s brain washing technique that happened to a whole generation of people my age.  Don’t believe me? Here’s an example. It’s been 25 years and still to this day I know that:

  • There’s a silly rabbit who can’t understand that “Trix are for Kids” -Trix Rabbit
  • That following a rainbow to sugar covered oats with hard marshmallows becomes something “Magically Delicious.” -Lucky Charms
  • I know that if I’m looking for colorful loops of sweetness I need to just “follow my nose, it always knows!”. –Toucan Sam
  • If I take a corn flake and frost it with sugar “ they’reee Greeaat!” -Tony Tiger

I can do this forever, but I think you get the point by now and I don’t want to drive you “cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs“ -Sonny Rooster  The marketing geniuses of the 80’s knew exactly what they were doing when they brainwashed us during our Saturday morning cartoons.  They made us fall in love with cute lovable cartoon characters only to poison us with processed sugar, corn fructose and who the hell knows what preservatives. How could children have ever known that Captain Crunch was sailing them across a sea of addiction and poor diet.

The power of these characters and catch slogans are so strong it seems that every generation of children would fall into the same trap. I believed that there was no way out of this vicious cycle. That was until I stumbled upon a few new cereal characters that just might save the next generation of children. Meet Lilo the Lemur, Ping Panda, a Koala, Kinkajou and a Gorilla. These are the characters of a new kind of cereal that might just change the cereal game. Introducing EnviroKidz Organic by Natures Path Foods

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