Recycled Christmas Trees Being Used to Rebuild Jersey Shore Sand Dunes?

Christmas Tree Recycle

Residents of New Jersey are coming in droves to recycle their Christmas trees at the Jersey shore this year.  Although recycling Christmas trees is a normal practice, recycling your festive pine at the Jersey shore allows your tree to keep on giving well after the Holidays. That’s because your old recycled Christmas trees are being used to rebuild the many sand dunes that were destroyed by Storm Sandy in October. I know! It sounded odd to me too, but apparently old Christmas trees are lined up along sand dunes to help them rebuild naturally. Christmas trees can be placed on their side end to end on the ground and naturally collect windblown sand over time. This creates a natural “fence” that traps sand, eventually burying the trees creating a small dune. Within a few months, the objects begin to take on the shape of a large sand dune that help protect the beach against heavy wave action from storms.  Dune grass can then be planted on top in about a year. It’s a method that has been practiced in the Southeastern states that are accustomed to having hurricanes and more in tune to the annual rebuilding of sand dunes each winter. Because so many Jersey shore cities are now strapped for cash, this “naturally” great idea will take place in many places along the Jersey Shore. For a more scientific and detail oriented explanation check out this article by Phillyblurbs.com

I bet you’d like to know how I stumbled upon this amazing concept.  So please give me your attention for a moment and I’ll explain. Continue reading