Pink….No Longer Just a Color

I had a long set up and cute story to set up this post  for my friend Penny Rebecca, But after reading her story on paper I realized there was nothing I needed to say or add to make this post more poignant. I would simply like to introduce you to my friend Penny Rebecca   I’m absolutely honored she would take the time to write her story for us for Breast Cancer Awareness Month  “Pink…No Longer Just a color”

Pink…no longer just a color

Being a tomboy most of my life, pink wasn’t a color I was very familiar with, actually I think I went to great extremes to avoid pink and all the girly-ness associated with it.  That is until my world changed and pink was no longer just a color, but a symbol of hope, strength and survival.

On a balmy summer evening as I lay in bed reading, I placed my hand across my heart out of comfort and suddenly felt something strange.  While flat on my back, I noticed a dime sized bump protruding from the top of my right breast.  I turned to my husband and asked, “Have you noticed this before?”  He shrugged and suggested I go see my gynecologist the following week.  My doctor checked me out and concluded it must be just a cyst. After all, it didn’t bother me, it was mobile and being a marathoner who didn’t smoke, do drugs or drink alcohol and kept to a healthy diet and weight, I was one of the healthiest patients she had, She suggested I wait three menstrual cycles. At the age of 29 and in such good health, she figured the cyst would go away on its own.  I’m not sure how to explain it, but something in me said no, that’s not good enough, I want a mammogram to be sure.  She wrote my prescription and a few days later I was at the radiologist’s office having a mammogram and an ultrasound.  When the doctor looked at my films I was told, “it doesn’t look like anything to worry about, but if you would feel better, we’ll get a biopsy”.  Again my gut said to me to get it checked out just to be sure.  I headed to a breast surgeon, had the biopsy done and went on my merry way. After all 2 doctors had told me there was nothing to worry about and I was a 29 year old healthy women; it couldn’t be breast cancer!  I had to wait 2 weeks for the results so I headed to Aruba on vacation and tried not to think about it but now I noticed that little bump sticking out of the top of my bikini.

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The Dude Is Feeding Children and I’m Helping! : How Jeff Bridges is leaving NoKidHungry.org

Could some one please tell me where Jeff Bridges came from and where do we find more actors like him? While growing up in the 80’s I couldn’t tell the difference between Jeff Bridges and Matthew Modine. The only Bridges I knew then was Lloyd and that’s only because I still laugh about how he “picked the wrong week to stop sniffing glue” in one of the greatest comedies ever, “Airplane” Yet, here stands Jeff Bridges on top of the acting world with an Oscar win in 2010, a Nomination in 2011 and at one point last winter he had the top two movies in theaters.  For the past 25-year’s Jeff Bridges has done many notable films but in my opinion it was in 1998 that the whole world stopped and recognized Jeff as the brilliant actor and man he is. . That was the year of “The Big Lebowski” when Mr. Bridges played the lovable and infamous  “The Dude”.

After meeting Jeff years later I don’t think  “The Dude” character was too far of a stretch for him. Bottom line, Jeff Bridges is one of the coolest guys you’ll ever meet. He does things his way and he does it in a laid back style that any surfer or hippie would admire.  There are many reasons, some of which I’ll talk about, to praise Jeff Bridges as an artist. But, what I admire most about Jeff Bridges is his advocacy and philanthropy work for the betterment of humanity.  In particular, Jeff has dedicated much of his life to ending childhood hunger. He is the national spokesman for Share Our Strength- No Kid Hungry. It’s a national campaign to end childhood hunger in America by 2015.  If you haven’t heard of this before you could start by tuning into The Food Network Saturday April 14th 2012 at 8:0o PM EST/ 7:00PM CST to get an idea of what Jeff’s mission is. It will be a heart-felt documentary piece called Hunger Hits Home. You can also continue reading to see how a regular Joe like myself and you could take part in ending childhood hunger in America.  In my opinion “The Dude” is one of the coolest characters ever portrayed on-screen but the true man who is Jeff Bridges is even cooler. At the end of the day a man’s character off-screen is what matters most to me and I think these actions should determine whom we look up to as heroes and idols. Continue reading

So, What is EarthyUrban.com?

For a while now people have asked me via Facebook & Twitter “What is EarthyUrban.com”?  Well, I guess I might as well explain so here it goes!

Welcome to EarthyUrban.com

EarthyUrban.com is my personal blog that celebrates the lifestyle nestled between ethically conscious living and a modern practical lifestyle. EarthyUrban.com is geared towards ideas and inspiration to hopefully help others develop their personal ethical lifestyle while keeping it practical. This page is an account of my personal encounters, experiences and thoughts that make me feel i’ve contributed even the smallest amount to the universe.

My name is Tommy aka. EarthyUrban.  In January 2012 I had an unfortunate start of the New Year waking up each morning with the hopeless feelings of emptiness and insignificance. I couldn’t figure out for the life of me what was wrong. Maybe it was the fear of the unknown in the New Year, or maybe it was the realization of another wasted year gone bye. Whatever it was I was feeling melancholy and I didn’t understand why. Up to this point I felt I’ve been very successful.  I had my health, a good job, my own apartment, a nice car, great family and good friends. But something was missing.  For weeks I found myself staring in the mirror each morning searching for the answer. Believe me, there’s nothing tougher than looking at the face you see in the mirror and realizing you’re not the person you thought you were or want to be. That’s what I was going through. With all my success here I was empty inside.

There are those who say that the measure of success starts with a simple question, Are you living a life in line with your values? My whole life I’ve prided myself on my supposed values and the sad answer to that question for me was, No.

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