Thank You New Jersey For Showing Me Humanity At it’s Finest : Storm Sandy Recovery Photos

Jersey Shore Shore Sandy Today I jump on an airplane and head back to Los Angeles after 2+ months in New Jersey. As I do so, I reflect on my long stay and feel an overwhelming sense of thankfulness. I’ll keep this as simple and as straight forward as I can. Thank You New Jersey!.  Thank You for allowing me to be part of your on going recovery after storm Sandy.  Thank you for showing me what true strength is in a time of crisis, and helping me renew my faith in humanity.  Thank you for reminding me of the power of service and how many little people doing many little things can make many big changes. Thank you for showing me that there are extraordinary people who really care and reminding me of why  I love this state and the people. I came here to help my parents with their home and enjoy the holidays with family but ended up with an experience of a lifetime. I’ve made amazing new friends and encountered hundreds of determined citizens. I may have broken a few walls and moved some sticks and bricks, but that’s small compared to what I received from you. Thank You. I created a slide show of some of my favorite pictures of my volunteer efforts. The Photos were taken by my new volunteer friends, and devastation pictures I took myself. The song underneath these photos is by Michael Franti called “Gloria”,which also happens to be the name of my Grandmother, Gloria, whom I lost just a few weeks ago while here on my visit.  It’s fitting being she was a becon of hope and taught me the power of compassion and charity. I know she’d be proud.

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Another Successful Movember comes to an end: The Top 12 Movember Mustaches of 2012

Today is December 1st which means Movember is officially over. As the women cheer, thousands of men like myself will happily be shaving off their Movember mustache today. On the other hand, some men may have finally found that stylistic edge they were looking for and will make it part of their new persona. As you can see from my picture, that will not be the case for me. This morning I removed what I like to call the “Old-Timey- Villain” or the “Deadwood” mustache, officially ending my Movember. In honor of the closing of mustache season, I’ve put together my top 12 Movember Mustaches I think you will enjoy. Although my mustache raised more eyebrows than funds this year I enjoyed every minute of wearing it. More than anything, I like idea of making a statement and explain to other why I’m wearing such a ridiculous thing on my face. After all, that’s the whole point of Movember, to engage in conversation and awareness about men’s health issues. Love them or hate them Mustaches are becoming more and more common come November. That’s because the ‘stache craze is for a good cause. Movember is raising awareness and funds for men’s health issues, particularly prostate & testicular cancer.

Before I show you my top 12 Movember mustaches let me first explain to the unknowing what Movember is. You laugh, but I had to explain to my Parents today why I wore that ridiculous thing on my face for a month. You’d be surprised how many people don’t know what Movember is and how it works. It’s scary because I can only imagine what’s going through their mind as mustaches start showing up everywhere.

The month of November has become Movember! (Moustache November).  Over the last few years Movember has become more and more popular around the world as a time for guys to grow a moustache to draw attention to prostate cancer and other men’s health issues. It’s essentially the male version of women wearing pink during Breast Cancer Awareness month (which was October). Men have now claimed November as their own to shed light on health issues. The Movember & Sons movement started in Melbourne, Australia and has become a worldwide event. In 2011 over 854,00 Men & Women got on Board and raised $126.3 Million Us Dollars. It’s really easy to be part of and anyone can do it. First you register at www.movember.com, men start November 1st clean-shaven. For the rest of the month, these men (Mobros) or MoSistas wear a mustache proudly and seek sponsorship for their efforts and fundraising page. These mustaches basically become a walking talking billboard for Men’s health issues for the next 30 days. Even if they’re not raising money a lot of men will wear a mustache to support the efforts and keep men’s health issues literally under people’s nose. Funds go to the following charities. Prostate Cancer Foundation, LIVESTRONG Foundation, Awareness & Education, and Global Action Plan


Now, Let’s take a look at my top 12 Movember Mustaches that in my opinion capture the spirit of the Movember campaign. *Keep in mind, these are in no particular order, just a random selection of personal connection Movember Mustaches. Click “READ FULL STORY” TO SEE

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So, What is EarthyUrban.com?

For a while now people have asked me via Facebook & Twitter “What is EarthyUrban.com”?  Well, I guess I might as well explain so here it goes!

Welcome to EarthyUrban.com

EarthyUrban.com is my personal blog that celebrates the lifestyle nestled between ethically conscious living and a modern practical lifestyle. EarthyUrban.com is geared towards ideas and inspiration to hopefully help others develop their personal ethical lifestyle while keeping it practical. This page is an account of my personal encounters, experiences and thoughts that make me feel i’ve contributed even the smallest amount to the universe.

My name is Tommy aka. EarthyUrban.  In January 2012 I had an unfortunate start of the New Year waking up each morning with the hopeless feelings of emptiness and insignificance. I couldn’t figure out for the life of me what was wrong. Maybe it was the fear of the unknown in the New Year, or maybe it was the realization of another wasted year gone bye. Whatever it was I was feeling melancholy and I didn’t understand why. Up to this point I felt I’ve been very successful.  I had my health, a good job, my own apartment, a nice car, great family and good friends. But something was missing.  For weeks I found myself staring in the mirror each morning searching for the answer. Believe me, there’s nothing tougher than looking at the face you see in the mirror and realizing you’re not the person you thought you were or want to be. That’s what I was going through. With all my success here I was empty inside.

There are those who say that the measure of success starts with a simple question, Are you living a life in line with your values? My whole life I’ve prided myself on my supposed values and the sad answer to that question for me was, No.

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