Welcome to EarthyUrban.com

Earthy Urban.com is my personal blog that celebrates the lifestyle nestled between ethically conscious living and a modern practical lifestyle. It;s also my personal webpage to talk about things I feel passionate about or worth mentioning. So In a nut shell I write about whatever i feel i’d like to share no matter what the subject matter may be. You’ll see my personal thoughts and opinions on world topics, or you may even read about my day, career, projects I’m part of or promoting in the Entertainment field. In a nut shell this a glimpse into the mind of Tommy. It’s my own voice in an overcrowded world of opinions. EarthyUrban.com is geared towards ideas and inspiration to hopefully help others develop their personal ethical lifestyle while keeping it practical. Or Not. Keep in mind that being EarthyUrban is a mindset, not a label or destination.

My name is Tommy aka. EarthyUrban.  In January 2012 I had an unfortunate start of the New Year waking up each morning with the hopeless feelings of emptiness and insignificance. I couldn’t figure out for the life of me what was wrong. Maybe it was the fear of the unknown in the New Year, or maybe it was the realization of another wasted year gone bye. Whatever it was I was feeling melancholy and I didn’t understand why. Up to this point I felt I’ve been very successful.  I had my health, a good job, my own apartment, a nice car, great family and good friends. But something was missing.  For weeks I found myself staring in the mirror each morning searching for the answer. Believe me, there’s nothing tougher than looking at the face you see in the mirror and realizing your not the person you thought you were or want to be. That’s what I was going through. With all my success here I was empty inside.

There are those who say that the measure of success starts with a simple question, Are you living a life in line with your values? My whole life I’ve prided myself on my supposed values and the sad answer to that question for me was, No.

Years earlier while admiring my unique sense of earth-toned style a friend asked me, “What would you consider your style” without hesitation I answered “ I’m Earthy -Urban” hence the name of this website.  To me being Earthy Urban meant that although I dwelled in a fast past city life I always had a way of keep a hint of consciousness, spirituality and nature in everything.  I prided myself on making ethical decisions on everything from food and drink, fashion, style, travel, beauty to work and finances. But the daily grind of life got in the way of my values. Then, before I knew it there I was drinking out of plastic bottles from corporate giants and wearing sneakers made in a sweatshop. My cabinets and pantries were filled with processed supermarket foods and environmentally toxic household chemicals. My cloths were department store bought from fashion designers who have brain washed me with ads telling me how I should look and feel. And, the extent of my charity had dwindled down to giving spare change to a local homeless man. I realized I lost my way long ago. I’ve walked through life smiling and consuming, but at the end of the day– I need to ask myself what have I contributed? What will I leave behind? Have I made today any better than it was yesterday? Did I teach anyone something new? Did I help better humanity or the planet? So, when I asked myself, am I living my life according to my values?  The painful answer was, No.  I’ve hit a point in my life when that realization had come to surface and in order to help others and save myself I needed to do something.

But what could I do? I wasn’t exactly good at anything and I had no special skills. I’m the typical case of a jack-of-all-trades and a master of nothing.  I’m just a Jersey born guy living in Los Angeles pounding the pavement and punching the clock everyday. How was I going to make a difference?

For weeks I thought about what skills I had that I can use to make even the slightest change.  In the end I came up with three things I knew I could do. In fact anyone one could do them.

“Well,” I said to myself “I like to give my opinion, I mean everyone has an opinion right?”  “Oh! And I can make choices.”  I can handle that I mean life is nothing more than a series of choices, we don’t always make the right choices but we need to make them everyday. Wow I’m talented huh? And finally, I guess like most American’s I’m a great consumer. Human beings are great consumers. Seems that all we do is consume in some way or another. We consume food, resources, entertainment, pop culture, fashion, music, even philosophy and ideas.

Then that’s when it hit me. “I know what I can do, I can live a more conscious ethical lifestyle and write about it!

Since I wasn’t producing or creating anything that made humanity better I could at least showcase those who were. I wanted to showcase both small and large companies creating ethical services and products.

The first thing I did is resign from my current job. I don’t recommend doing this, but I clearly wasn’t happy and I wanted to devote my talents to projects and causes I was passionate about. Following my dreams has always been a top priority for me.  Personally, I took some money and started making lifestyle changes that were good for my healthy, my mind, my home, the environment, and humanity as a whole.  I bought organic homegrown goods. I started replaced clothing and home goods with fair-trade and one for one. I replaced toxic chemicals in my life with natural and green. I donated and engaged in charities I believed in, and started admiring those who were engaging in noble acts throughout the world. But, most importantly I started a life of service through volunteering. By far the greatest change in my life. I’m convinced now more than ever that  A life of service to helping others is the key to happiness.

I really want to follow through on this and I knew that if I wanted to do so that I would need to proclaim to all that I was now attempting to be a more conscious consumer and they in return would hold me accountable. I wanted a journal, a voice so to speak so I created EarthyUrban.com.

Earthyurban.com is a practical guide to conscious lifestyle choices for people like me.  This is not an “in -your–face” green blog or some plan to save the world. I want to provide simple information and opinions without the boring science and statistics.  I imagine that I’m writing this to my friends and family, who like my former self, think they’re too busy to make ethical choices in their life. Not because of lack of caring, but because of the lack of information and know how.  In researching new products, services, people and organizations I’ve stumbled upon thousands of ethical choices for all aspects of my busy urban life.

So enjoy my product reviews, rants and stories, but please keep several things in mind.  I’m not a scientist, I’m not a writer, I’m not an economist and I’m definitely not a preacher. I’m a regular guy living a somewhat regular life. This is my hobby not my profession. I’m not perfect and I’m learning much of this as I go. For the green and already ethically conscious folks, much of this information will be elementary.  The stories are meant to entertain, inform and give you a little peek in on my life. The opinions are based on my own experiences.  I would never insinuate that my opinion is right or better than anyone else. If I could simply introduce you to something new or give you some insight about your currant choices then that is enough for me. Most importantly I’d like you to be entertained and involved.  I encourage your help and feed back.  Just maybe it will spark something within you that could make even the smallest change for the better. Together we can make a difference for civilization and ourselves by being conscious of our choices.